Meet Master Musician, Haji Basim:

Your guide, Haji, is an award-winning musical artist, master of 11 different instruments, and yogi. His own journey began amid personal difficulty, uncertainty, and unable to express himself authentically. Like many men, he was discouraged from expressing himself, but he knew if he could not find a way, the results could be depression, or far worse. The answer for Haji was his discovery of music as his outlet.
He began to fuse meditation with musical instruments and voice. He built a relationship with his breath, body, hands, voice, and an ability to be in the moment. He learned more and more instruments, developing a deeper relationship with each one. He began to seek out various teachers, each with their own methods and approaches for connecting sacredness with sound.
Everything changed when he began studying with sitar teacher, Baba Krishna, in India. He asked: Do you know what sound healing is?
The answer is so simple: It is pure sound, backed by pure healing intention.
Haji began to apply this idea to his music, and began to witness a transformation in his perspective about music. His amplified ability to express himself became the foundation he now shares with others.
Let Haji teach you how to create your very own pure sound, backed by pure intention.