A Meditative approach to playing the Blues on Ukulele



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 Welcome to a transformational new approach to music that works for anyone.

Learn to play the Blues on the Ukulele and express your own Blues easily and effortlessly. Imagine feeling confident playing the blues on your Ukulele and gaining the tools to support you in developing your ability to play the blues on your Ukulele. to All at your own pace.

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This course for you if:


  • You want to learn and connect with your authentic Blues expression

  • You want to learn to play Blues chords on the Ukulele

  • You desire to use elements of meditation and mindfulness to connect with your ukulele

  • You want to learn the Ukulele in a fun and fast way

  • You want to discover how to play Blues scales on the Ukulele

The Holistic Ukulele Blues Sessions are a 2-month program that is designed to support you in playing the Blues on the Ukulele. No matter what level of Ukulele experience you are starting from, this course is designed to get you better at playing the blues by using elements of meditation and easy-to-follow instruction and exercises that intuitively connect you with the blues.

When you KNOW that you can connect with and play the blues well, and you actually TRUST your abilities, then you can move out of your mind and truly play the blues from your heart and soul.  And that's the whole reason we play!!


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Haji’s approch helped me get out of my own way and express my blues!

-Meghan Griffith


Don’t think twice. Haji and his courses are the real deal.

-Kevin Bennett


Thanks to Haji, I have the confidence to learn and play the blues on the Ukulele.

-Brigid Lane

All The Tools You Need To Discover Your Blues!



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  • Holistic Ukulele Blues Sessions Video Course
  • Ukulele Blues Chords
  • Ukulele Strumming Patterns
  • Practicing Strategies
  • Ukulele Theory

Your Instructor Haji Basim

Haji Basim is an award-winning and charismatic artist, multi-instrumentalist, yoga expert, and the urban folk crooner. His brand of music is unique and entirely exceptional, with uplifting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

Haji Basim is the lead instructor of Holistic Ukulele Songwriters Sessions: An elevated approach to music instruction, teaching musicians, and true beginners how to intuitively align with their instruments.

For the past decade, Haji has been delivering Holistic Ukulele Sessions to multigenerational audiences who enthusiastically desire to bring more of their personality into their play.

Currently, Haji shares his connected practice worldwide via workshops, private instruction and online lessons for Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice.


The blues tells a story. Every line of the blues has a meaning."

~ John Lee Hooker