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This Course is designed to provide all that you need to get started expressing yourself on your loop station. This will be a journey  through songwriting, sound healing and  mantra. Join us for the Looping Light Sessions.

This course includes weekly:
Group - Private - Vocal Deepening Sessions


Loop Station not included

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This Course is for you if....

  • You want to know how to set up and customize your Loop Station
  • You want to create spaces of healing
  • ​You want to write songs and create mantras using your Loop Station
  • You want to connect with your Authentic Voice
  • You want to learn how to beat box
  • You want to loop live instruments
  • ​You want to learn how to create and perform with confidence and flow

This Course includes:

  • Weekly One on One Coaching Sessions
  • ​Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Vocal Deepening Sessions
(Loop station not included)

Meet your Guide

Meet Haji Basim: an artist, Sound Expression Coach, and the guiding force behind the transformative Holistic Ukulele Songwriters Immersion & Looping Light Sessions. Through these sessions, Haji introduces a fresh approach to music instruction, empowering musicians and newcomers alike to connect intuitively with their instruments.

At the heart of his mission lies a profound belief in the power of purpose. Haji is dedicated to helping individuals uncover meaning and embrace their true selves with confidence. With over a decade of experience, he has captivated audiences of all ages with his Holistic Ukulele Sessions, fostering a desire for personal expression and authenticity.

Now, with the introduction of the Looping Light Sessions, Haji expands his vision, guiding participants in creating beautiful music for both artistic expression and therapeutic healing. As an award-winning artist, multi-instrumentalist, and yoga expert, Haji Basim brings a unique blend of talent and passion to every endeavor, offering uplifting melodies and profound insights along the way.

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 Equipment Suggestions

All you need to get started

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Boss RC - 505 MKII Loop Station

Shure SM48 Microphone

USB 2.0 Type Cable

In Ear Monitor Earphones

1/4 Adapter

XLR Cable


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