March 18, 2023  11am PST / 2pm EST

First off, you don't need to have any Ukulele training or experience. Come as you are, willing to explore YOUR sound expression.

The Ukulele is one of the easiest musical instruments to play and by adding in elements of meditation and mindfulness, one can easily gain a deeper relationship with themselves and the ukulele in no time.

Instead of spending months or years trying to figure out just how to approach and gain a relationship with your Ukulele on your own, Join me for a FREE Ukulele Meditation Masterclass and start connecting with your Ukulele in a deeper way.

What this MASTERCLASS will cover:


  • How to use meditation to enhance your Ukulele playing
  • 3 things that every musician needs to access their truest expression
  • The fastest most simple way to connect with your ukulele in a new way

This MASTERCLASS is for you if:

  • You are wanting to connect with your Ukulele in a new way
  • You want to discover how meditation affects your Ukulele playing
  • You are wanting to rediscover a deeper relationship with your Ukulele
  • You desire to honor the gift of music that is within you
  • You want to bring forth your highest expression
  • You have ever practiced meditation

Are you struggling with:

  • Harnessing your creativity
  • Get into alignment with your ability to play Ukulele
  • Being confused by all of the Ukulele techniques out there
  • Knowing how to start playing Ukulele and making it sound good
  • Lack of consistent practice
  • Crippling self-doubt

This MASTERCLASS is NOT for you if:

  • You have no interest in playing the Ukulele
  • You don't desire inner growth and exploration
  • You are unwilling and unopened to positive change
  • You are comfortable and satisfied with your current level of Ukulele playing
  • You don't desire to heal yourself and others with your Ukulele

If you are desiring to build a deeper relationship with your Ukulele in a safe and supported way, register NOW for this FREE Transformative Masterclass.

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Haji Basim is a world-renowned Multi-Instrumentalist (9 instruments) singer-songwriter and meditation instructor.

For the last 7 years, Haji has been connecting people with their innate creativity through destination creative retreats around the world and online courses.