Discover a unique method of music instruction with award winning international artist and creator of the holistic ukulele meditation method. Sourced from the depths of Indian ashrams and Buddhists temples, Haji Basim has developed a method of music instruction that combines elements of meditation with inovative and easy to follow Ukulele instruction.

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About the Instructor

Holistic Method Music

   Haji Basim is the Lead instructor of The Holistic Method: An elevated approach to music instruction, teaching musicians and true beginners how to intuitively align with their instruments. The Holistic Method incorporates/fuses/combines elements of

meditation with fundamental music theory while focusing on deepening the relationship between the musician and the musician's chosen instrument. For the past decade, Haji has been delivering The Holistic Method to multigenerational audiences who enthusiastically desire to bring more of their personality into their play. Currently, Haji shares his connected practice worldwide via workshops, private instruction and online lessons for Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice.

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