Turn your personal affirmations into songs on the Ukulele.

7 day Transformational course on the art of combining elements of meditation with

fundamentals of music theory

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Who are theses Songwriter

Sessions for?

  • If you have ever wanted to write your own song.

  • If you are a singer songwriter experiencing writer's block.

  • If you are looking for a new way to express yourself.

  • If you want to encourage and uplift yourself.

  • If you are wanting to deepen your meditation and creativity practice.

What you will walk away with

  • Fill confident writing your own songs.

  • move past writer's block and get into the flow.

  • Feel the joy of expressing yourself in a new way.

  • Experience a brand new way to express yourself.

  • encourage and uplift yourself on demand.

  • Develop a deep and meaningful meditation practice that fuels your creativity.

Meet your Coach,

Haji Basim

  Haji Basim is an award-winning and charismatic artist, multi-instrumentalist, yoga expert, and the urban folk crooner. His brand of music is unique and entirely exceptional, with uplifting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

   Haji Basim is the lead instructor of Holistic Ukulele Sessions: An elevated approach to music instruction, teaching musicians, and true beginners how to intuitively align with their instruments.

  For the past decade, Haji has been delivering Holistic Ukulele Sessions to multigenerational audiences who enthusiastically desire to bring more of their personality into their play.

Currently, Haji shares his connected practice worldwide via workshops, private instruction and online lessons for Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice

Revolutionary Approach to Music Instruction & Songwriting

These sessions are a step by step progression into creating music and your song on the Ukulele.


  • intro

  • affirmation play

  • Parts of the Ukulele

  • Music Theory

  • Ukulele Chords

  • Meditation Session

  • Intro

  • Ukulele Theory

  • Hand Exercises

  • Chord Composition

  • Meditation Session



  • Songwriting Session 1

  • Affirmation Play

  • Strumming Pattern

  • Lyric Writing

  • Hand Exercises

  • Meditation Session


  • Songwriting Session 2

  • Hand Exercise

  • Affirmation Play

  • Adding Lyrics and Chords

  • Meditation Session

What Our Students Say...


Haji is such a great Teacher. His exersises really helped me open up my creativity. His method of songwriting really opened me up to not judge so much and just play with it. It was just a really sacred creative space.


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