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Do you have a DREAM that seems just beyond your reach? Is it to TRAVEL the world, meet the love of your life, create a business, learn how to PLAY an instrument, or learn how to dance? Whatever your dream is, it's important that you pursue it. I've heard that success is measured by growth in a direction that you desire. My idea of success is having a positive impact on the world.


In line with my idea of success, I have been accepted into The Sacred Thread yoga teacher program. This teacher training is taking place in Cuba during the month of July and the total payment is due June 1st.  With such a short time to turn in the complete funds, I am reaching out to my friend's, fans, & family to raise the last little bit I need to get there. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and offering a FREE GIFT to all donors as a token of my appreciation  Thank you for supporting this dreamer. - Haji Basim

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Follow the Link to check out the Yoga Teachers Training I will be attending.

Haji Basim

Thank You!